Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Items for Your Prepping ~

This week CVS and Wal Mart have some items that would be great to store. And, they're FREE!

The word FREE is music to my ears.

CVS has Excedrin pain reliever for $1.99. And Excedrin's website has a Two $2 off coupons.

Free! Yippee!

Seriously, this is a great deal. You can print the coupon twice and if you have multiple computers, print that baby out as many times as you like.

And another serious note, my brother in law is a neurologist. He went on a mission trip to South America 6-7 years ago. We made the assumption that he would be taking tons of prescription drugs and items that only a doctor could obtain. He told us that when a body is under stress, usually all a person really needs is some pain relievers and heartburn medication. Those are the two items these people would be without and two items that could make a tremendous difference in their lives. Who knew? Not me.

He did go on to tell us that prescription drugs are sometimes necessary, usually antibiotics, but there are usually natural alternatives to most rX drugs.

Ok, on to the second free item. Feminine protection. Not a pretty subject. Yet one that we need to think about.

Coupons.com has a coupon this month for $1 off 1 box of Kotex pads AND a coupon for $2 off of two boxes. If you go to the FP section of your local Wal Mart, you'll find a small package of Kotex pads for $1. Yeah! So again, print as many of these as you can.

I print my coupons from MyPoints. Not only do they have the same coupon printer you'll find elsewhere, but you get points when you use the coupons. I get about 1500 points a month just from coupons. A $10 Wal Mart gift card costs 1550 points. So, I'm getting "paid" to do something that I would already do, which is use coupons.

If you'd like to join MyPoints, I'd love to send you an invitation so I can get extra points. If you don't want to email me, just join. It's a great program.

That's all, now back to your regularly scheduled life!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Arms Ache~

For the first time in a decade, all of our Earthly possessions are under one roof.

My husband and I have spent the past 4 weekends plus Monday and Tuesday moving everything out of our storage facility into our garage. And our library. And our kitchen.

It's a good thing we don't have furniture in all of those rooms right now. Or there'd be no place for the boxes, and boxes and boxes that plague me right now.

Seriously, I'm thrilled that we were able to move all of this stuff to the house. It's just there is so much to do now. We have to go through the boxes, sort, purge, repackage and then catalog and put into the garage with all the other stuff.

Going through storage was a little like Christmas. We found things that we had forgotten about or didn't know what our notes on our inventory meant.

I was able to see all of our food storage and make mental (and real) notes about what we have, what we need more of. For instance, we only have about 5 buckets of beans. What was I thinking when we bought this food years ago? I need at least twice that. And powdered milk? Let's just say that I can be the food storage dairy if I need to be. I'm thinking I need to learn to make cheeses.

Why oh why ALL the milk? Oh well...

And, we were able to get some exercise moving everything. Let me just say, buckets filled with rice, beans, wheat and such are NOT light. Who knew a bucket of sugar could cause such pain?

So the next 6 months or so will be spent filling in the holes of our food storage we realized we have. It will be fun. Not cheap. But definitely interesting. Won't you join me?