Monday, February 16, 2009

Coffee and Tea

I just read a great post about storing coffee and tea.

These are two things I am passionate about storing. When you think about how life will be without the conveniences we now take for granted, think of things that will bring you some simbalance of comfort.

For me, my morning cup of coffee is one of those things and an evening cup of tea always hits the spot.

One day I was at Smiths and they had an entire basket of Twinings teas marked down for clearance. I looked at my husband and asked "how much can we spare for a good deal like this?" He told me to wait and quickly came back with the manager.

He asked the manager how low he could go on these. The manager said, "Well, they're marked down already." My husband asked, "Just what is your lowest price if I buy it all?"

"OH!", the manager said when the light bulb came on. He immediately marked them down to 25 cents per box and we were the proud owners of a grocery cart full of tea.

Now, all of these flavors of tea were not my favorites. But I could surely choke them down if I had nothing else to drink. And, some of them have not held their flavor after all these years. Yet at 25 cents a box, I could afford to throw the stale tasting ones away.

I highly encourage you to seek out those good deals on "splurges" that can add some zing to otherwise dull food storage programs.

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