Monday, February 16, 2009

He who has the most toilet paper wins

Shortly after my husband and I began dating, I became the patient of a great chiropractor. This man was a member of the LDS church and was also a member of the John Birch Society. So aside from theology, he and my future husband had A LOT in common.

One day I was at his office and noticed an entire (small) closet filled with toilet paper. I asked what in the heck that was about and he told me "he who has the most toilet paper wins!" I was too shocked to ask what in the heck he meant. So I waited and asked my beloved.

This was our first conversation about food storage/prepping. Needless to say, I was shocked. I thought if we needed food we just went to the store. No problems. Right?

Well, fast forward 3 years and I'm a newlywed. At this point I am becoming more aware of my husband's belief in food storage. I was learning how to cook with stored wheat and other grains. We learned that we are not fans of the dehydrated vegetable (more on that later) and basically thinking past the end of my nose where the future is concerned.

So one day when I was perusing the grocery ads, I saw that our local grocery had NAMED BRAND toilet paper at "incredibly low prices" Name that movie...anyone, anyone?

I cannot tell you how proud my new husband was when I suggested that we think about buying some of this TP because there was no limit. He was certain he had just hit the jackpot in the wife category. I was just happy he was happy.

I called the store and asked them to hold a couple of unopened cases for us. I knew this would be easier to store if they were still in the box.

My husband appreciated my forethought, but he was thinking more like 8 cases! Why I asked? Well, he had to beat the 1,000 rolls of tp that my chiropractor had stored! Men are so competitive!

In the end, we stored 1,400 rolls of tp. I'll have you know, that lasted our family for 8 years! I just last year had to start buying tp again.

Coincidentally, the same store has Charmin at great prices for the next two weeks. This time, I'm using coupons to make my money go further.

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